QO-100 - IceConeFeed v2

Yesterday the IceConeFeed v2 from Patric - DC8PAT - arrived well-packed and preassembled with the Golden Media 202 LNB.

QO-100 - Audio & CW console

I started my journey into QO-100 with a very simple setup. Details can be found here. I used purely SDRConsole to receive & transmit audio via a simple USB headset. This was no real comfort and it was not capable transmitting CW ;-) 

Fortunateley Andreas DL4JAL published 2021 in the German ham radio magazin FUNKAMATEUR an interesting hardware console. The basic idea behind this console is, that through the internal soundcard SSB-audio as well CW-audio can be transmitted. A hardware PTT key can used to switch SDRConsole into transmit mode. Furthermore it controls the timing for T/R-switching - SDRConsole has some delay between audio input and rf-output via the LimeSDR-mini - so no loss of last DIT or syllable.

SARCNet MK1::Home brew version

Inspired by the webpage of SARCNet, I decided to build the SARCNet MK1 rotator.

Here the first impression of the unit I've build:IMG 6564

QO-100 - 2021 base-station

I started my journey into QO-100 with a very simple setup. Details can be found here. The previous setup consists of the well known LimeSDR-mini, a pre-amp and a modified WiFi-amp. No I placed all the components into an old case - not so fancy but sturdy.

QO-100 - PA protection

Based on the publication of Matthias, DD1US, I bought from him one of these TMT H3930 isolators - Thanks Matthias for supporting the community!!!