QO-100 - 2021 base-station

I started my journey into QO-100 with a very simple setup. Details can be found here. The previous setup consists of the well known LimeSDR-mini, a pre-amp and a modified WiFi-amp. No I placed all the components into an old case - not so fancy but sturdy.


IMG 668! 

The frontpanel contains three toggle-switches to control the various components:

  1. 28VDC to the final power amplifier
  2. 12VDC to the LNB via the bias-T
  3. 5VDC to the LNA in front of the final power amplifier

And a "huge" LCD display for some status information

  • Device input voltage
  • Final power amplifier current draw
  • Final power amplifier supply voltage
  • Final power amplifier heatsink temperature
  • Internal 5VDC rail

 The toggle-switch right to the display switches the layout of the LCD display.

Piggy-back on the HELTEC module is a simple break out board for the ADS1115 ADC.

The source-code can be found here.

 IMG 668!  

The main components are (clockwise from right top):


IMG 668!

 IMG 668!

IMG 668!

IMG 668!

From left to right:

  • USB3 connector to the LimeSDR-mini
  • 13VDC powerpole connector
  • F-socket to the LNB / RX antenna
  • SMA-socket to the TX antenna



In the mean time I've placed a small 5V DC fan in the side panel next to to PA heat sink. The fan is temperature controlled by the EPS32 board and effectivly removes the heat from the PA sink.