NOAA received @ JN48OQ

Here you can find the latest NOAA satellite pictures received at JN48OQ

Worked all Germany contest 2015

This was my first participation in the WAG contest since 2010 - and I must say, it was a pleasure!

I managed to complete 472 QSOs all in CW :-)



My current DXCC status:

 New LoTW QSLsLoTW QSLs in ProcessDXCC Credits AwardedTotal
Mixed 41 0 107 148 148
35 0 107 142 142
Phone 47 0 0 47 47
80M 24 0 1 25 25
40M 34 0 27 61 61
30M 27 0 15 42 42
20M 62 0 37 99 99
17M 39 0 10 49 49
15M 50 0 7 57 57
12M 16 0 7 23 23
10M 24 0 3 27 27
6M 8 0 0 8 8
2M 2 0 0 2 2
Challenge 284 0 107 --- 391

CW ist Immaterielles Kulturerbe

2014 wurde CW (Morsetelegrafie) in das bundesweite Verzeichnis des immateriellen Kulturerbes aufgenommen.


Also haut in die Tasten ...


Neuer DARC Image Film

Ein richtig gut gemachter Film des DARC!

Reverse Beacon Network

Ich habe schon öfters mal ins Reverse Beacon Network (RBN) reingeschaut, um zu sehen, wie gut ich mit meiner Station weltweit zu hören bin. Während man CQ ruft, kann man dort sofort sehen, von welchen Stationen man weltweit gehört wird.


My name is Dietmar (Didi) and I live in the most southern province of Germany called Baden-Württemberg.ich

I am licensed since 1982 as DL2SBA (former license class B). In my family also my beloved wife Monika DL6SCF and my father DK1UO are licensed hams but not yet active on the bands.

Usually I operate in CW on the HF bands from 80m to 10m using an ELECRAFT K3 into a dipole antenna with an hamware AT-502 antenna tuner.

On vacation and on business trips I use my homebuild ELECRAFT K1 or my new KX3 with small vertical antennas or dipoles for fine qrp contacts.

Also I'm running a very simple 400mW 40m CW transceiver from home - see details here.

Due to the power and antenna limitations real DX qsos are rare for me. So I'm very pleased for every non european station calling me :-)

  • I'm also a member of the DARC local Radio Club of Esslingen DOK P02. Please check their web-page on
  • I'm also member of the South Germany DX Group - please visit their homepage at

Hope to meet you on the bands

Dietmar, DL2SBA