Yesterday the IceConeFeed v2 from Patric - DC8PAT - arrived well-packed and preassembled with the Golden Media 202 LNB.

Measurement setup

IMG 6799  IMG 6800 

IMG 6800  IMG 6800 


Full-range 0 GHz - 3 GHz

VNA 220709 065436 PDF

2 GHz - 3 GHz

VNA 220709 065436 PDF

The lowest SWR of 1.11:1 can be found at 2.559 GHz. At the relevant QO-100 uplink frequency 2.400 GHz the SWR is abt. 1.37:1 which is also very well!


The measured performance seems to be OK - now have a look at the performance when mounted on the dish ...




IceConeFeed v2

IceConeFeed v2

2014 CW (Morse Telegraphy) was added to the German Nationwide Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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