My new TR-35 QRP CW transceiver does not have a build-in tuner nor a build-SWR meter. My search for a very small and simple metering solution led me to the work of Martin, DK3IT.

His complete work can be found on GITHUB for download. As suggested on his site, I've ordered three tiny PCBs via OSHPARK - unbelievable that you can three PCBs including shipment to DL for €2,22.

I've ordered all the parts (except BNC-plug ) from REICHELT according to the list on the GITHUB page.

Some pictures 

Seen from the outside in a small die cast case.

The BNC-plug is from CONRAD PartNo 2589355 - 62 

 IMG 9481
 The mounted PCB from the transformer side  IMG 9465
 The PCB from the potentiometer sode  IMG 9466
 And the PCB in all its glory from the top.  IMG 9466
 As a part of my CQ QRP station  IMG 9478


The TinySWR is very sensitive. It show the slightest deviation from 1:1.

Next Steps

As a next step I have to "calibrate" the LED bar using my SWR-Simulator