For the main power distribution in my house, I also build a powersensor. The basic idea is the same as for this sensor. But the electric meter is already build into the distribution cabinet, so this power meter uses the so-called S0 bus of the power meter inside the cabinet.DSCF4078

My MQTT server also has some basic systems management capabilities - means the MQTT server can emit the following data to the MQTT broker:

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Some basic config stuff for the RASPI & MQTT

Since the beginning of my home automation project I made several tests to choose the right platform and right controller. I've done test with various sensor technologies etc. etc.
Most of the articels can be found in the Arduino category.

One decision was, that my webhost should be the main datastore for all data measured. With this decision, I've started to build a data collection and distribution infrastructure. The complete setup consists of two major components:

These components are detailed further down the page.

2014 CW (Morse Telegraphy) was added to the German Nationwide Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.