New boy in town - QCX-mini

Last weekend I've finished my QCX-mini kit for 20m from QRPLabs.

This was a birthday present from my wife and she is very happy, that the QCX-mini now works great ;-) I'm too ...

On Sunday I was able to make three contacts to the US south coast - 5w and a dipole - thats fine.

IMG 5208

Building the Kit

The kit building was really a pleasure - the builder manual from Hans is great and very detailled.

The most complicated part was the T1 transformer - if you follow his description exactly - everthing went fine. Winding the other torroids was easy - all simple single turn ones.

Setting the IQ balance was a complete fail at the beginning. Turning the IQ balance pot shows zero effect. After turning the other two pots to other positions, the alignement immediately went fine.

CW Audio filter response


1st harmonic suppression


RF power voltage


S-meter vs. receiver input signal in dBm