SOTA - DM/BW-078 - Römerstein

Our third SOTA activation for 2018 is done. Monika (DL6SCF), our daugther Lisa and I activated the Römerstein DM/BW-078. Beautiful weather, a little bit overcast and not too warm. The CONDX where better than last sunday. 



DM BW 078 Track


  Very interested second operator :-)

 Hold the flag up and  Self-spotting helps


Beautiful flower meadows

 Preparing the lunch at the base of the Römerstein tower


This time I used a vertical dipol for 20m. It is based on the work of Ewald DK2DB. About 10m of RG58. The outer braid is removed in a height of 5m and it is fed at the bottom via a common mode trap (see).

This antenna seems to work excellent - two QSO into the US with 10W in CW :-) check the map.