During a business trip, I took the chance to activate a mountain in the Bavarian low mountains - Kleiner Kulm.


The mountain is registered at SOTA program as DM/BM-344 and is located near the city of Pegnitz, about 48km  northeast of Nuremburg.

Well, it's not the Matterhorn - but hey- everyone has started small :-)

This mountain as ideal for my first activation - not too high, not too steep to climb - ideal for an after work activation. Fortunately there is a wooden observation tower on the peak which can be climbed by stairs and forms an ideal antenna support.

Working conditions

  • I took my new ELECRAFT KX3 with me. With its build in antenna tuner it does a quite remarkable job. I used full power output of 10W to warm up the Ionosphere.
  • For the power I used a LiFePO4 battery with 12V 6,6Ah with a build in BMS.
  • Microphone for the SSB contacts was the stock-mike from ELECRAFT.
  • For CW I used the Palm Pico Paddle.
  • And last but not least, my antenna was a HYENDFED 3-band antenna. This was the second chance, the antenna can show her quality. I tied the antenna to the railing on top of the observation tower at the peak of "Kleiner Kulm".
  • As an ideal tool for chasing SOTA activation and publishing my own activation, I found the ANDROID APP SOTA Spotter. With this app you can easily inform the SOTA world, that you're activating a summit.


I was really suprised how well the KX3+antenna+CW works. There was nearly a small pileup when I call CQ SOTA.

SSB was a little bit more annoying - there you feel the 10W from the KX3 - thats not much.

16:55z M0IML 14MHz SSB
16:56z R0RQL 14MHz SSB
16:59z CT2IXX 14MHz SSB
17:08z ON7DQ 14MHz SSB
17:24z DL8DBW/P 7MHz SSB
17:37z F5LKW/P 7MHz CW
17:50z EG1SMA 7MHz CW
17:57z HA5TI 7MHz CW
17:59z ON6ZQ 7MHz CW
18:00z EA2DT 7MHz CW
18:01z G4OBK 7MHz CW
18:03z LA1ENA 7MHz CW
18:05z F5SQA 7MHz CW
18:07z PA7ZEE 7MHz CW
18:08z ON4FI 7MHz CW
18:09z SP9AMH 7MHz CW
18:10z DK1WI 7MHz CW
18:11z DL1JGA/P 7MHz CW


Well it was really fun to do my first SOTA activation. This was definitely not the last one.

2014 CW (Morse Telegraphy) was added to the German Nationwide Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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