Here I've collected some configuration stuff for my KiwiSDR.


Antenna switch extension

Reset to default antenna when no user active

With this setup, the antennas will be switched to the default antenna configuration after 5minutes when no user is online. Execute these steps with root login.

cd KiwiSDR-antenna-switch-extension/scripts
vi reset-to-default-antennas-when-no-users-online
cp reset-to-default-antennas-when-no-users-online /usr/local/bin
chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/reset-to-default-antennas-when-no-users-online
echo "*/5 * * * * root /usr/local/bin/reset-to-default-antennas-when-no-users-online" > /etc/cron.d/reset-to-default-antennas-when-no-users-online
chmod u+rx /etc/cron.d/reset-to-default-antennas-when-no-users-online

 Edit in reset-to-default-antennas-when-no-users-online the line with "DEFAULT_ANTENNAS=1,2,7".


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