Weinschel 40dB fixed high power coaxial attenuator

I was able to get a used 40dB power attenuator from a fellow ham. It is a 250W version in a very good condition. The attenuator should be usable up to 6GHz.


Here some pictures: WEIN 1 WEIN 2 WEIN 3

I did some basic tests with my miniVNAtiny Weinschel 58 40 33 SerNo MA468

and with a Siglent SSA3021X with tracking generator Weinschel 58 40 33 SerNo MA468.Siglent

and their big brother, a R&S FSP7 IMG 0900. Here the three different results:

  Siglent SSA3021X  miniVNA-tiny  Rohde & Schwarz FSP-7 
420MHz  38,81dB 38,47dB 39,25dB
1.052MHz 38,23dB 38,84dB 38,96dB
1.680MHz 38,28dB 38,06dB 39,04dB