MODBus master

The hardware for the MODBus master is mounted on DIN-rails inside a cheap installation box.

So the complete master installation can be handled easily and later be mounted at the cellars wall.

IMG 3411s

From left to right:

  • The WLAN interface WNCE2001 from Netgear. This provides an easy and cheap way to connect the Arduino Ethernet to my local WIFI network. The power (5VDC) is also provided by the DC/DC converter.
  • Some DIN-rails clamps from WAGO to connect the MODBUS-slave.
  • The Arduino Ethernet mounted inside a plastic DIN-rail housing. On top of the Arduino Ethernet is the MODBus-Shield mounted.
  • Also a Chinese DC/DC converter is inside the DIN-rail housing. This converts the 12DCV to 5VDC for the Arduino Ethernet.
  • A cheap MEANWELL DIN-rail DC powersupply which provides 12VDC to the complete electronics.