My name is Dietmar (Didi) and I live in the most southern province of Germany called Baden-W√ľrttemberg.ich

I am licensed since 1982 as DL2SBA (former license class B). In my family also my beloved wife Monika DL6SCF and my father DK1UO are licensed hams but not yet active on the bands.

Usually I operate in CW on the HF bands from 80m to 10m using an elecraft K3 into an symetrical dipole antenna tuned by a hamware tuner or an ECOANTENNA V7+ vertical. Most operation is done in CW 55%, SSB 28%, RTTY 14% and other modes 3%. On vacation and on business trips I use my homebuild ELECRAFTs K1+K2 with a small vertical antenna for fine european qrp contacts. Due to the power and antenna limitations real DX qsos are rare for me. So I'm very pleased for every non european station calling me :-)

Hope to meet you on the bands

 72s Dietmar


2014 CW (Morse Telegraphy) was added to the German Nationwide Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.