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Here you can download all relevant files for vna/J application.

GUI Application

All files for the current version 3.0.3 can be downloaded from here.

  • For Windows- and Linux-Users downloading the JAR-file is suffcient, if you do not need the additional files.
  • The Bluetooth support-script from the miniVNApro Driver guide can be downloaded from here.
  • Mac OSX users can download a complete installation package from here. (currently 2.8.6c)

If during downlad a message appears, that says, that the package was damaged, you should first check whether the gatekeeper of the Mac  is set to "Everywhere" is. Otherwise, program downloads only from the AppStore are allowed.

  • The current README file can be downloaded form here.

If you've already installed a 2.8.x version and you're not using the Mac installation package, you can use the build-in update function, to get the latest version of vna/J.

If you've already installed a 2.7.x version, you have to reinstall vna/J. Please consult the installation manuals.

If you're installing vna/J for the first time, please read the installation manuals prior to downloading these files.

Older application versions can be found here in the corresponding version directories.

Headless Application

All files for the current version 3.0.3 can be downloaded from here.

Please check the user manual for the headless application for details!

miniVNApro Firmware

To gain the full functionality of vna/J, you should install the latest firmware revision. You can download the firmware here. Tips howto install the update on your miniVNApro can be found in the driver guide for the miniVNApro.

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You can support the further development of vna/J with a donation via PayPal - many thanks in advance for this!



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